Lake. Delicacy. Music.
Served on One Plate.

Lake. Delicacy. Music. Served on One Plate.


Our philosophy is to deliver the finest delicacy to our guests in a relaxed atmosphere that reflects the culture, lifestyle and passion of Suzhou.


  • Lake

    Located in one of Suzhou’s most iconic landmarks, Li Gong Di, Ombra invites you to experience casual-chic dining with a panoramic view of Jin Ji Lake. The traditional Jiangnan style architecture of the buildings in the area gives you a taste of the Jiangsu locals’ lifestyle in the past.

    湖影座落于其中一处最具有苏州代表性的地标—— 李公堤;她拥有金鸡湖的全景,让您一边享受美食,一边细细品味以前的江南湖畔人家生活。

  • Delicacy

    Our Executive Chef carefully designs Ombra’s Menu to ensure our guests are served with the finest ingredients and heart-warming dishes, using both traditional and innovative cooking techniques. Ombra aims to bring indulgence of authentic Western cuisine to our patrons from around the globe.


  • Music

    While savoring Ombra’s culinary delights, you can enjoy the soothing, classical music performance by renowned pianists at night. By offering a selection of wines from countries such as France, Australia, and Chile, we hope to enhance your dining experience with the perfect harmony of music and wine.